So yesterday was the 200th anniversary of independence of Mexico ♥... I love my country so much, but to be honest this year I wasn't that happy to celebrate. Of course I still love the amazing cities we have, the personality of the people, the food yuuuuuuummmieee, but what's happening in Mexico right now is extremely sad, I'm so disappointed, and mostly the situation of Juarez, is something that I can't accept and I try to have faith but at this point I don't know where it goes. But anyways, even that I'm a USA citizen studying and working in the USA, I love love Mexico and always be proud of being half Mexican. The lovely Andy has an awesome post about this 200th anniversary, check that out.
In a total different topic, I have sad news... Wednesday was a busy, stressful day, I had a hard exam and I had a car accident, it wasn't my fault and is nothing big but my car is 8 months old and I take so much care of it in comparative of my old Pt Cruiser; so yeah I have to change the whole bumper.
Changing topic again, I'm so happy that fall/winter is almost here!! I love the cold, and can't wait to wear boots, scarfs and coats! I honestly prefer the winter clothes, in my opinion they are so much more elegant and classy and what I like is that you can change the look with crazy accessories or makeup.
This week besides studying all day long, I have been pretty busy reading and watching videos from New York Fashion Week., everything from innovated collections to makeup journals.
This semester is going to be busy, since I only have upper division classes, they are getting so time consuming but I'm totally loving every minute of them! For next week I have this mini project about Lady Gaga's meat dress, and no offense, I love Lady Gaga, her music is one of my favorite but I don't think this is the greatest outfit, I find it a little bit eccentric.

PICS: Random moments.

TGIF!! Have a lovely weekend!!

glamaryz ♥☮


Sisi said...

love your hair it looks amazing!

And be proud to be half mexican, i'm half italian wuuuhuu.. go remixes he he.


glamary ♥☮ said...

Sisiii!! Of course I'm proud of being Mexican, I love Mexico, the people, the foooood mmm!! but what is happening in Juarez is extremely sad!!! Thank you for your compliments on my hair! :)
Italian?? Mmm...that sounds so interesting!!