Monday Questionnaire from Amarixe


Amarixe each Monday post random questions and I thought I would like to answer my self in my blog!

1.) Mood:

Happy!! I’m enjoying so much being home.

2.) Do you have any New Year's Eve plans?

I don’t know yet.

3.) Pullover sweatshirt preference: hood or no hood?


4.) Current nail polish:

Sephora by OPI Just a little dangerous.

5.) Do you like to cook?

I love it!!

6.) Current outfit:

Black leggings and red sweater.

7.) What was the last movie you saw?

Yesterday I spent the day at my boyfriend’s house with his family and we saw Taken and Back to the Future 2.

8.) What is your favorite makeup brand?


9.) If you had to be on a reality TV show, which would you choose and why?

Although Sex and The City is my favorite TV show, I think I would choose ER because it was so much going on.

10.) Weekly goals:

Have fun, take my car to the oil change service, get my eyebrows done, and just relax before going back to school.


If you liked the questionnaire, check out Amarixe blog to read her different questions, and/or copy the questions and answer them here in the comment box!

glamaryz ♥☮


Estelle said...

Hi love, I'm a new follower! Liking your blog! I watched Back to the Future 2 with my boyfriend just recently too, how weird is that! x x x


glamary ♥☮ said...

Thank you so much Estelle!
Its a good movie right?