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I got this Converse as a gift 3 or 4 years ago from one of my closest friend and I've never used them, but last Wednesday I said "ehh.. why not?" and I put them on and went to school; an hour later all I wanted was to take them off! This are the most uncomfortable shoes I ever worn. So I will stick to my "girlyness" of my lovely heels and for school flats, ballet, boots, and gladiators.
Do you find Converse comfortable?

Enjoy your day!!
glamaryz ♥☮

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Sisi said...

Lol i kind of disagree to be honest.

I loooove converse, and have a ton of them. However the first time i put some converse shoes on, i felt like they were heavy and to big and clown feet like to walk in lol.
But when i used them more and more, they become more and more comfortable.
And now they are comfortable, allthough i have shoes that are more comfortable, but these are in the top 5 lol.

But everyone has their own opinion!
Love your blog.