MAC: Not my favorite right now.

I know this is nothing related with fashion, but since I knew MAC Cosmetics is going to launch their new collection on September I can't stop thinking about it; so this is going to be a different post.
With all due respect, I wonder if they even know the story behind it? It’s sad how obviously some of the products names and colors have been inspired by the atrocities going on in Juarez, and I think it’s sad that a company would try to glamorize such a hellish situation. I definitely will not be buying anything from this collection. Urgh! I can’t even find the words to explain how mad and disappointed I am right now. Besides it's obviously they do not know the story about Juarez, they are trying to make profits from it! Seriously?? I wish they really take the time to investigate what is going on instead of just stay with the old story “muertas de juarez” and pretend to help. Juarez do not need money, Juarez need justice for all the narcoterrorism that is happening, its out there almost in every corner. Beheaded, kidnapped, car bombs, the record of the murders: more than 2, 000 this year. Sorry for this post but I really think that this is something we all should know.

M.A.C. Rodarte

Car Bomb

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anna bu said...

i didn't know, thanks for sharing!

glamary ♥☮ said...

your welcome :)