I'm back!

I'm very sorry for the lack of posts, but I have been feeling so tired and kind of sick, this weather of Texas is driving me crazy. I promised to do a haul and more outfits and I will do them. I just need to get back on track, and start doing pilates (love) again so I can have the energy that I need..LOL.
Last week I spent most of the time with my bf, aaww what a lovely week, right now he is at the beach with his friends so I have plenty of time to do all my stuff, design, sew some clothes, paint, have a Sex and the City marathon with my mom and my favorite part, shopping! Yesterday I went shopping with one of the besties and had a great time! I missed her a lot!! We used to be together almost 24/7 last year but then I started to work a lot more doing makeup and school started and since my career is extremely time consuming; during school I just have time to work on my projects. So yesterday we spent all day together, checking new boutiques that recently open, therefore there are more posts for you!! Yeii! These are random pictures from the last 2 weeks, I know they aren't special or anything but I really didn't feel well at all, so I didn't make special looks for my makeup or outfits. The polishes that I wore the past weeks are, O.P.I Big Apple Red, O.P.I Flit a Bit, and O.P.I The "It" Color.

PS: For those who has an MJM near, go and check it out, I went yesterday and they have L.A.M.B. shoes around $60-ish!! They didn't have any in my number, buuuu!! The ones that I saw, are the Valora Heel in Blue, Woman's Jona Pump and the Z project pump.

Have an amazing tuesday!

glamaryz ♥☮

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