Break from…

Here I am again, I have been working so much the last months I barely have a break, I’m enjoying so much what I’m doing and I’m learning lots of new things, getting so much experience. Right now I’m not going to school because some problems but cant wait to go back, you all know how much I love my school, my career, but for the moment I’m getting the opportunities that I have because only God knows the reasons, so I’m enjoying my life as it is right now. The days that I’m off usually are for cleaning, laundry, catch up with my friends and romantic dinners with my boyfriend, but this week was different, I had 2 days off in a row so it was amazing, I had the time to sleep, and yesterday I did a lot of productive things, wake up early, did some cardio, went shopping for my boyfriend’s birthday ( I bought 2 lovely outfits that I will show you later) come home, had lunch with my family, had a pedicure, organized my shoe closet and at night I went with one of the besties, we had some drinks in her pool and talked for hours; today was more relaxing, I slept more, cleaned and cooked, and I was in the computer doing what I used to do all the time, read blogs, creating wish lists, search for inspiration, and then I realized how much I enjoy doing that, small things that brings happiness to me besides my family boyfriend or friends. Since my job requires me to dress black all the time, I was losing inspiration because sometimes I was acting like a robot, because seriously I do not have time for anything. So these 2 days help me a lot to remind me that there are so many simple things that were part of my life and I was forgetting about them, so I will keep my Stylit and Blackberry with me all the time so I can keep my 2 loves (fashion & makeup) alive.

Have a great day!


glamaryz ♥☮

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