Christmas 2010..My favorite moments

[Church Christmas party]

[Carl’s Jr milkshake.fries..yummie]

[Dinner with my gusani]

[Fresh flowers in my room]

[Our Christmas tree]


[Tabletop decor]

[Gifts under the tree]

[Sheer striped tights]

[My 1st love (mom) opening one of her gifts]

[My new Ray Ban Aviators..thanks mom I love you!]

[Two of my 4 loves..Miranda and gusani]

[More presents! Thanks gusani, I loved my watch]

[Monopoly with my family]

[Lights in my room]

[My 4th love]

[Holding hands]

[Cloudy days]

I hope you are having amazing days, enjoying the holidays and your family! Remember the meaning of Christmas, the celebration of the day Jesus Christ was born, so is not about material gifts. Stay with the warmest thoughts ..May you all be blessed!


glamaryz ♥☮

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