Yeiiii Yeiiii!!

I know is not Thanksgiving Day yet here in the US but since tomorrow is my birthday I wanted to give thanks for all that great things God give me every single day. I’m seriously so blessed! My birthday celebration started on Thursday, so on Monday I’ll post pics.

Things I’m thankful for:

♥ My parents.

♥ My life.

♥ Good health.

♥ True friends

♥ My family

♥ My gusani (boyfriend).

♥ Miranda

♥ The rain

♥ Internet

♥ Food

♥ My house

♥ Love

♥ Laughter

♥ Music

♥ Surprises

♥ Quality time

♥ Sleep

♥ Dancing & singing

♥ Freedom

♥ Clothes, purses, makeup & shoes

♥ Weekends

♥ Water

♥ Safety

♥ Gratitude

♥ The world



Nice people

The words “ I love you” and “Thank you”


asi o mas feliz!!ss

What are you thankful about??

Focus on the positive and enjoy life!

For now, I’m off to celebrate MY birthday, MY life! Stay beautiful!


glamaryz ♥☮


Lady Gabby said...

Awesome :)
I'm thankful for family, friends, health, and material things like shoes and coffee. <3
Please check out my blog and give me feedback on what you'd like to see!

Martina Gallo said...

Fantastic blog!
I hope you pass to mine and follow me!
Thanks =)