Simple Things

Don't you just love when small things make you happy?
What make me smile?...Mmm a lot of things, I'm a very positive person, that is always smiling, but certainly there are things that make me feel great, alive, and so happy; some of them are material and some not, because like the MasterCard ad "There are some things money can't buy.."

Priceless Moments/Things.

* My life.
* When I find money in my pockets that I had forgotten about.
* When my iPod knows exactly how I feel and my favorite songs start playing.
* When I wake up and realize I have a little more time to sleep.
* When the lights first dim at the beginning of a movie and my boyfriend is holding my hand.
* When I found shoes or makeup at really good price; even if I don't buy them.
* When I get home and Miranda (my Bichon Frise ) is waiting for me.
* When I mix old clothes with new ones and come with an amazing outfit.
* The smile on my parents' and bf's face when they feel proud of me.
* My good grades.
* Doing my makeup.
* Painting my nails.
* A Saturday or Sunday with my family.
* The satisfaction from helping others.
* A girl's night out.
* Window shopping.
* Christmas time.
* Hugs from my little princess (my niece).
* Flowers.
* Cloudy/rainy/cold days.
* Dark clouds.
* Coffee smell.
* Reading girly books or fashion magazines.
* My favorite movie.
* Bubble baths.
* Laughing so hard you can't breathe.

What about your priceless moments?
Enjoy life!!!

glamaryz ♥☮

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