Birthday Haul!!

As you know, my birthday is next Sunday (oct. 24) and I already bought some birthday gifts for myself LOL, it’s been forever since I bought clothes, and the surprise was that I didn’t went crazy, just a few things that caught my eye for the outfits of the weekend and skinnies in different colors. I found a boots that looks similar to the Steve Madden (except for the bow haha) that I have been craving for months. I went shopping with my boyfriend (the best person to go shopping with), some times or most of the time I prefer going alone because I like to take my time, I’m extremely distracted and not everybody has patience for that type of person.

IMG00154-20101019-2314 IMG00145-20101019-2241 IMG00148-20101019-2242 IMG00149-20101019-2243 IMG00151-20101019-2243 IMG00153-20101019-2244

Have a great day!!

glamaryz ♥☮

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