New Hair!!

I got my hair dyed.. finally I don't have that coppery ugly color!! I also cut it :( ...uurrgghh I want my long hair back!!! But I think health is first so.... for now I'm just enjoying the color, since I can't get highlights either.. I have to love my brunette months! Like I said before, 7 or 8 years ago I used to have highlights, then I went with a burgundy color, then highlights again, then 3 years ago I went black, I used to have looong shiny healthy hair, but then..I wanted something different, and last October I had the not so amazing idea to dye it red.......... the first time it took us (my stylist & me) like 3 tubes of different shades because the first one was RED.......like blood...urgh! And I think is my pigmentation because no matter what shade, product, brand, developers or peroxides do I use.. it never turn out the color I wanted.. a orangy coppery red... so here comes the hard part.. LOL, I never give up on things but this time I had to... And the big reason was the hair loss... Seriously it was terrible, it is terrible, I get so sad every time I brush my hair. I went to the dermatologist and she said it was because the weight loss and stress.. So nothing to do with chemicals so I finally dyed it.. Woooo!!! =)

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i like it! chocolate brown is my fave.