Monday Haul

This is what I bought last week, I'm trying to save for a few things that I would like to buy next month so right now I'm not buying anything besides the essentials; I would do a post on my wishlist, I like to write it down so I can see how much do I need to save and do priorities, I like doing this also because I can put myself a time limit, haha that might sound silly but I found is a nice way to work everyday for something you wish, it can be something material or something personal, this is why I want to do a post on my vision board, so I can share with you how I keep my word, how I get through my goals and how I find inspirations and motivation everywhere.

The purchases from last week were minimum, just a few things for my room that I found at Hobby Lobby, a jacket from Burlington (Members Only in Blue), and a O.P.I. nail polish (Catch me in your net) from Armstrong McCall.

Hobby Lobby:

*Love wall decor. I think one of my favorite words is LOVE, is a pretty word itself and what it represents is what I really like.
*Eiffel Tower decor. I have always loved Paris, but when I went and saw the Eiffel Tower in person it was just breathtaking, so romantic, that was 10 years ago.
*Believe decor. I believe in God, not that much fanatic religion person but I do believe in God and in my religion (christian) and this little plaque is so pretty, I really liked what it says "Believe. When a believing person prays, great things happen. James 5:16"
*Chandelier candle. I love love looove candles and I think that chandeliers are so elegant.

Have a great day! =)

glamaryz ♥☮

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