Things I'm loving right now! *beauty&fashion*

♥ The black sandals are a great deal, they are an affordable version of the Balmain Studded strappy sandals. They are super comfy and chic!
♥ The VS pink makeup bag is exactly what I needed, before this I used a MAC Softsac, the medium one, then a Hello Kitty one but both of them were smaller and this VS is the perfect size for what I always carry with me. Thanks to the bf that he ordered for me! YAY!
♥ OPI nail polish...Another obsession that I have.....nail polishes! And for this week the winner is by OPI, That's berry daring.
♥ Guess Nude pumps...*sigh* Last month I found these babies in DSW, I first wanted the Aldo version but they were out of stock in my number so the bf and I went to DSW and saw them, they are so beautiful, not that comfortable but sometimes you have to suffer for beauty!
♥ MAC Russian Red lipstick...Red lipstick will always be a classy.

glamaryz ♥☮

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